The idea for Yonder originates in the interest of the comlexity and simplicity of the world we live in. Simply put, our complex world is created out of seemingly basic modules – cells – which are then repeated and combined to build up complex organisms and structures.

This principle I have adopted in the creation of Yonder. By repeating simple forms I wanted to build a world with its own shapes and organisms. Basic movements extracted from nature shall give the shapes a living feeling. The goal was to create an alternate world that seems foreign yet at the same time familiar.


2D Graphic — 2D Animation
2D Graphic — 3D Animation
3D Graphic — 3D Animation
Yonder is a 2D/3D animation. There are 2D graphics created in Illustrator which are animated in After Effects as well as 2D graphics which are animated in Cinema 4D. There are also 3D graphics created and animated in Cinema 4D. Other great animation tools were Trapcode Echospace for After Effects and Mograph which both suited really well the idea of repetitive forms. As a compositing software I used After Effects.
Examples for 2D Animation. In this case animated with Trapcode Echospace.
An example for 2D graphics animated in Cinema 4D.
3D Objects animated in Cinema 4D. On the right side an example for the use of Mograph.
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